I know everyone will never agree on the same thing all the time and I respect that. But I wonder about the people that show up at the Trump rallies I have watched. Although fact checkers have shown that he has lied over 9,000 times during his presidency, they believe everything he says. He brags about how rich he is, how smart he is and what a great deal maker he is yet he won't release his taxes or school grades, and they clap and cheer. He tells them he knows the best words and best people and they clap and cheer. He calls the media fake news when they report on what he says and does and they clap and cheer. He promotes violence, "knock the crap out of them, lock her up." And they clap and cheer. He ridicules his adversaries and gives them insulting nicknames. Then he starts swearing and they clap and cheer even louder. He tells them not to believe what they see and hear, only believe what he says. Is this man the one you want the world to think is the best we had to offer to lead our country? Is this the one you want your children to emulate? What kind of people are they?

Julie Pawlak