I would like to respond to the Grand Forks Herald opinion piece on illegal immigration in the Aug. 8 Dispatch, the recent raids in Mississippi (has second highest unemployment) and NPR article on area farmers hiring Illegal workers. Obviously, the employers really don’t care if the hired person’s ID documents are valid and is an illegal alien but still employs the person? Easy for employers to go to E-verify if they really are serious about checking documents or maybe they just need some cheaper illegal labor than legal labor.

What is disturbing is this seems to be the attitude of many employers of undocumented workers, along with some cities and states looking the other way when it comes to the laws of this nation. They are limiting those here legally from taking those jobs who also have real drivers licenses and insurance. Wage taxes may be collected like state, federal, Medicare and FICA (Social Security) resulting in the illegal worker never benefiting. Is that fair to take advantage of illegals at the expense of documented workers?

I’m surprised union leadership and other citizen rights groups are not pushing harder to right this wrong against legal workers. We hear our leaders say they want higher wages for workers but overlook the fact that these illegal actions often keep wages depressed or maybe even below minimum wage. Don’t just think that these illegals just take the jobs that legal workers won’t take. If the wages are fair, the jobs will be filled by documented workers. There are a lot of skilled jobs at risk too when you have undocumented applicants who are carpenters, welders, engineers, electricians, computer qualified, etc.

We are a welcoming nation like no other but our laws need to be followed or changed if wrong.

Arnold Myhra

Lake Shore