A recent letter entitled “Trump and Hitler, part 2” sent shivers of horror down my spine. Was this writer living during Hitler’s reign of terror? There is a difference between similarities and facts, yet this letter seems to state similarities as if they were facts. If Trump is comparable to Hitler, show us where the concentration camps, crematoriums and mass graves of his victims are. Where are pictures of hundreds of thousands of people being forced into boxcars like cattle and shipped to these camps which actually happened during World War II. In the 1930s there were Nazi organizations all over our nation with old films showing thousands of young people enthralled by Hitler’s propoganda and saluting the German flag with its black swastika. A flag which struck terror in the hearts of God fearing men and women. Today, we have paid agitators stirring up hatred among millions toward President Trump with the majority of the media supporting their views. There are very few, if any, articles written as to the promises Trump has actually kept to the people, unless you dare to watch the much maligned Fox News Channel. Here, you hear both sides of the story but by doing so you are immediatly labeled a racist (a word worn out by constant use by those who mock anyone who dares to disagree with them) also a bigot or homophobic. Take your pick. What has Congress accomplished in the last two years or so, except spending millions of taxpayer dollars, time and energy on investigations based on innuendoes and rumors? They do not deserve a paycheck or vacations with their endless talk but no action. Comparing Trump to Hitler shows that evidently there are still those who refuse to believe the Holocaust actually happened. God help us.

Dolores Zaske

Pine River