I’m thankful for Minnesota corporations who designate a percentage of their profit for charity. These corporations have an “enlightened” sense of our capitalist economy. When a company’s profit results in charitable support for the community, we all want to spend and buy more!

Today, global warming is challenging that narrative! This generous “enlightened” capitalism encourages me to consume more than I need so that I contribute more than I should to the denigration of our natural resources. Think of plastic bags alone! Excessive consumption and polluting waste are killing us!

Excessive consumption requires more fossil fuels as well as new wind and solar energy. So, we build wind farms and solar arrays to harvest more energy to meet our excessive consuming habits. A new oil extraction method called “fracking” enables us to drill in places that could contaminate our soil and water. Consuming to satisfy (rather than conserving to sustain) drives our decisions.

We have a dilemma: as over consumption destroys our planet, America’s successful free market defies control or regulation! However, unless private and corporate consumption patterns change, future generations will suffer! For example, deterioration of the ozone layer in the earth’s atmosphere from carbon dioxide emissions contributes to global warming leading to destructive and possibly irreversible changes to the earth’s mean temperature making life unsustainable in some environments! What’s the solution to our dilemma?

A reasonable person would say we need to eliminate the human practices that are destroying the earth. Change requires courageous leadership and a convincing plan for a way out of our dilemma. God help us to find such leadership and a pathway of hope!

Terry Frovik

Lake Shore