The debacle with the states automobile registration program is a perfect example of how our tax dollars are wasted every day. The technology and know how, to have done this right in the first place, is not rocket science. Many private companies have far more complex and demanding tech problems then this and they handle them every day.

The problem lies in government doing much of anything properly and getting it done in an expeditious manner with the intent of getting it done right the first time, at a reasonable price. Over a $100 million wasted on this effort. Who will be held accountable for this? Most likely no one. You see in our form of government the only conversation about this mess up will be in political debates where politicians will use it as taking points. It will be another one of those times when making someone else look bad-and that's not hard-makes you look good and pious and more electable.

I was in the local registration office last week and they have had to resort to posting notices that complaining and harassing the staff will not be tolerated. You will be ejected if you can't behave yourself. In all fairness they are not the problem and are well within their rights to explain that to their customers. They are hard working people who get the abuse, due only to those who dreamed up this whole thing. Those same people now cloistered behind impenetrable walls in St. Paul, far out of reach of those of us who are being taken advantage of, by their inept work.

Our governor is asking for huge tax increases. They need more money to mismanage and there is little we can do about it.

Mike Holst