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Reader Opinion: Be responsible

In regard to the Wednesday, May 8, "US vs. Venezuela" letter to the editor, I find it and others similar to it (gun control) somewhat ironic. I realize that 1,053 reasons (killings) is a terrible thing but what about the thousands upon thousands of babies killed each year through abortion? Any killing for the most part is a terrible thing but I see and hear more people screaming about gun control than anything. I have read many (not all) letter to the editor articles about the gun issue but I never see any of those people cry foul when it comes to abortion. Why is that? Is it because abortion is legal? Guns are legal as well. Why is it that so many people value life outside the womb but not in it? Some time ago a letter writer wrote into the paper and asked, for the most part, how could any Christian have voted for Trump. Well, my question to the Democrats is, how could any Christian have voted for Hilary Clinton? A lot of Democrats claim to be Christian yet see nothing wrong with killing unborn children. I have heard one statement—it's a woman's right to do what she wants to her body. Really? How about this—be a responsible person and don't get pregnant then. I understand the argument if a woman's life is in danger then abortion is necessary. I have no problem with that philosophy. But that situation is very minute. In this last election, it was about (for many) "who is the lesser of two evils." However, just looking at Hillary made me sick. Is this the best the Democrats had to offer? I've never been a Democrat or a Republican, but in this last election there wasn't much to pick from.

Jim Jares