When I was young and rebelling I did not realize at that time how much I would miss dignity and respect in the U.S. The gutter is not where I want our country to be. I listen to the news for 15 minutes and Trump comes on and I feel a great need to jump in the shower and wash the slime off. I like Mueller, he has dignity. Obama has dignity and even though they might be opposites in their political platforms at least they know what honor and respect is. I know we are all imperfect and capable of making horrible mistakes, which means we can also decide to learn from such mistakes. What is happening within the ranks of the GOP at this time to me is horrific. To provide power and protection to Trump is complete and utter destruction of human value. Those who signed on that bandwagon are not leaders we can trust and they certainly are not helping promote the Christian values they proclaim to follow. Gutting health care is not enforcing for humanity, it is deadly to many people. Gutting education damages humanity, all one has to do is look at countries of mass destruction to grasp the danger in front of us, the people in those countries have never been empowered to promote healthy change. Greed, power and murder runs those countries. We could be that one day if we do not make some changes.

Deb Halsted