E.J. Dionne's April 29 Guest Opinion is a clear view of our democracy. We're in as clear danger of losing it as George Washington and his hungry, freezing soldiers were at Valley Forge in 1777.

There are two entities we call Republican right now: the Party, and the average supporters. They're nowhere near one and the same.

The Party is aware, rich, clever, sinister, and devious. It has set course to destroy our democracy. Republican schemer Grover Norquist famously slipped a while ago, revealing Party desire to shrink our government until it can be drowned in a bathtub. The words of a traitor!

The Republican Party had been infested and taken over in a hostile takeover by the corporations and the wealthy. That's obvious. Corporations are examples of total selfishness and ruthlessness. They don't just want some money, they want all of it.

Win at all costs; nothing else matters. It's why we have burdensome government regulations. These aren't regulations, they're protections the people have put in place, protecting ourselves from corporation's abuses.

Ordinary Republicans don't see this, don't understand it or ignore it. The Party feeds them little scraps and crumbs of self-indulgence for their weaknesses, in exchange for slowly taking away power from the people. Every move by the Party eventually leads into putting money into a wealthy pocket. Follow the money! Transportation bonds, guns, sales taxes, military, etc.

Our ancestors left Europe to escape this very thing: the abuses of the kings and the priests against the peasants. Kings and peasants should be equal, not one enslaved by the other.

We're at a tipping point of losing democracy. If we do, only a bloody, difficult second Revolution would get it back-some day. It's up to ordinary Republicans to help ordinary Democrats to save it.

A. Martin