I have, throughout my life had a rather storied past. Oh’ not the things legends are made of but my life has been full and eventful and I might add enjoyable. Now before you think, and for some of you, before you wish, that I am writing my epitaph, I’m still taking life’s journey so it’s not about that. No, it’s about the things I have learned on this trip so far that tell me this country is getting itself into a hole that could be hard to get out of. Yes, I know a lot of people smarter then me have been paying attention too and some of them have even done what I am doing and wrote about it. Their writings, facts and figures are largely ignored because although we know how to find the truth, we can’t handle the truth. When someone tells you the ice is thin and you walk out there anyway, because you don’t want anyone telling you what to do, you’re no better off then the man who didn’t know the ice was thin and wandered out there accidentally. It’s the same wet, cold result. I am going to quote a scripture reading from Proverbs. It goes something like this. “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” So you say, “what’s that mean?” It means people who are overly confident and too arrogant to listen to others are likely to fall. Do you see any of that in our government? We used to pass laws for the betterment of the masses. Now they pass laws to achieve a political victory. Every move is with one eye on getting reelected. Candidates run not on their good record but expounding on any slipup their opponent has made. Sad.

Mike Holst