Once again we hear from a group, some of whom are not Brainerd residents, who seem to want Brainerd residents to fund their dreams of changing the Brainerd riverfront at great expense to taxpayers. Nonresidents should not have a say in city expenditures. Why not build this in Baxter at the park site already in existence and connected to a trail system already in place. By doing this it would not require changing the riverbank in Brainerd, having large amounts of city and resident funds to create an unwanted trail, canoe access, and a new parking lot. The current parking lot was built to serve school baseball and football fields. Do not destroy them for other uses.

This trail and park that is proposed is a pipe dream of someone wanting to gain from the conception, it is an engineering nightmare and will in no way benefit Brainerd residents. How many of the riverbank residents want to devalue their view of the river and the value of their property by a public trail between them and the river. It is a completely infeasible project that would cause city founding fathers to turn over in their graves. What ever happened to common sense?

Daryl Bahma