My old man bought my brother and I our first shared car. A 1950 Plymouth Business Coupe with a flathead six and three on the tree for $100. I know what you're thinking, boy were we spoiled to get such a great "free" car. Dad quickly set up a repayment plan and insurance premium schedule for us to meet-$26 every six months for insurance and $20 a month car payment. We took care of that car like it was a brand new Mercedes Benz. There are always strings attached and nothing in this world is free with the exception of the air you breathe and the sun shining on your face.

So how about "free heath care" and a "free college education." Like bad advice, the things that are promoted as free will seldom meet expectations. To the "new left" free is just another word for tax increase and, let's be honest, do you really want the government taking care of your health? Try naming just one government run program (state or federal) that is running smoothly and cost effective. The VA? MNLARS? MinnesotaCare? Medicare/Medicaid? Defense? Immigration? Sadly, our bloated government can barely sustain itself without making more tax laden promises to the voters.

"Free" college education or "universal" health care will be as worthless and useless as the political rhetoric that snagged the vote. But the old saying has some merit, "There's a sucker born every minute."

Louie Hoffmann