Two mass shootings within 13 hours, one in Texas and one in Ohio. Right away the Democrat hopefuls are pointing their fingers are our president. They should remember when they point a finger at him they have three pointing back at themselves. They tear each other up in their debates and run President Obama down, which proves not one of them is fit to be president of the USA. Talk about hatred! That is all the house Democrats have spewed at President Trump since he took office. In all my 90-plus years I have never witnessed that kind of hatred. This is not only dirty politics it’s vile. Shame on each one! I still believe that the government is the biggest business in the world, and it takes a successful businessman to head it. In the past it’s been proven that politicians fall short of being successful leaders.

Gun violence has been around for a long time. Solution? Only service people need weapons that fire rapidly, not the ordinary man on the street. Maybe the answer might be not to sell to anyone and have time to make thorough background checks on everyone. Stable people should embrace the need to help keep unstable people from buying these semi-automatic weapons and mass shootings could be avoided. I think Democrats and especially Democrats better see that they are the ones causing the problems. Every one of them, when they open their mouths, hatred comes out. Makes someone of my generation think they should be taken to the woodshed. They don’t know the Golden Rule. Treat others as you want to be treated!

Ramona Pedersen