Abortion is a very painful discussion for all of us. Right now I believe, as in the past, it is being used as a political football, to divide and hurt each other with. Being a one-issue voter denies rights and funding we need to build our country up and the lives of our people who live here. It muddies the water and helps many not see the tragedies occurring in our country. It promotes a self righteousness in peoples so they can look down their noses at others. This is not what we need for ourselves and future generations, this is how we destroy each other. We have children basically in cages who came her due to fear for their lives. We have health care continuing to slip away for millions of people. We have killings in our schools, yet the right to bear arms seems more important then our children dying. We are either a country that values human life and our earth's life or we are not. That is the question we need to be asking ourselves every day of our life on this earth. Who really values and honors life. No folks, I have never had an abortion, I am not a radical raging human being, I am a mom, daughter, grandmother and sister who simply and strongly values life and the futures of our children. It really is not all that complicated to simply love peoples and value life. If we start to create this kind of life we will all do better in all ways. It matters what is in your heart.

Deb Halsted