I have one simple question for Trump supporters.

You voted for him and still support him in spite of his extreme dishonesty in both business and personal lives. He has an overly low view of women, people from other countries, those of darker skin color, anyone who's had bad misfortune in their lives, etc. In essence, he has a bad view of Americans in general.

In compensation of all this, he projects an extremely high view of himself. Maybe he is just trying to counterbalance the most severe case of negative self-image, negative self-respect, and lack of self-awareness the world has ever recorded. If he were asking for asylum in the U.S. today, he would be moved to the very last, very farthest position in line. He's been involved in 4,000 lawsuits, many for not paying his bills, others for cheating in business. In our White House in only two plus years, he's been recorded as lying professionally 10,000 times. He's already had a chance to prove he could serve his country or fellow man, but turned it down 4-5 times during our Vietnam War. He's fantasized about shooting some random person on 5th Avenue in NYC and getting away with it.

My question to supporters is simply, what would he need to do to get you to quit supporting him, or haven't you thought about that?

A. Martin