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Reader Opinion: How does God talk to you?

Dear God, I love all the different ways you talk to me. I can hear, see, taste, smell and feel you in nature and your creation. You talk to me in the Bible. I love our quiet time together. The Bible says to "Be still and know that You are God." Your word is a double-edged sword that will bind Satan and his demons. Satan is a jerk! I hear the promptings of the Holy Spirit and I receive guidance and counsel momently. I hear you in music. I know that someday I will be singing, dancing and play an instrument in heaven. I hear you on the radio, television and social media. I love all our Facebook friends. Jesus talks to me. I hear you in my conscience. My daddy and mommy taught me right from wrong and my conscience is a guide for me. I hear you through other people in my lives—my family, friends and even people that I don't even know. You give me so many divine appointments and God-incidences. You have always talked to me in the "storms" of life. I know that you will never leave me. It was in those "valleys" that I fell more deeply in love with you. I have had some dreams and visions and you give me so much peace. I have no fear. God, I pray that more people in the world will develop a real, deep, personal, passionate and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and ask him into their hearts, so they will be able to begin the journey as a Christ-follower, one day at a time. I love you, Lord.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Barbara Jean Lapka