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Reader Opinion: Won't stand for status quo

Crow Wing Power (CWP) management has correctly acknowledged that immediate changes were needed to accomplish accountability and transparency to its 38,000 plus members. Nonetheless, as has been the gold standard for this management group, they are continuing to make pretenses to postpone and eschew on doing what is right.

CWP management's statement that it is too late to make a change due to the ballots for the annual meeting already being sent, and the board's need to wait until next year to make any changes, is complete nonsense and deceitful.

The truth is that the management can do this without delay. If they truly want to make immediate changes to improve communications and transparency with the members, they are afforded the use of Article II, section 3 of the bylaws which allows the cooperative to hold a special election at any time, with a simple majority vote by the board of directors. The directors have a fiduciary duty to vote accordingly to make this happen.

Furthermore, sections 7 & 8 of Article II allow for electronic or mail-in voting by the members, thus simplifying this whole procedure. The members are the true owners of CWP. The management and directors are the de facto employees of these 38,000 plus members. CWP needs to be held accountable to this membership. If not, the directors must remove the management before the directors themselves are replaced for malfeasance.

The lack of transparency and communication by CWP to its membership has clearly been the impetus to the ongoing negative news surrounding the management and directors of CWP. It is imperative for CWP to make these corrections before wholesale changes are forced upon this cooperative. The membership will not allow the status quo to continue, the future of CWP depends on it.

Dale Walz