In a feeble effort to cover up his white nationalism, Trump's Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli claimed “The New Colossus” poem on the Statue of Liberty was to welcome immigrants from European countries with rigid class systems. You can't find another nation on planet which has been thrust back into an economic caste system that's more rigid than the United States. We've been in a terminal spiral of escalating wealth inequality for 30 years. Trump's economic policies have fueled this two Americas system with the Treasury borrowing $1 trillion dollars per year to pay for his tax cuts for the rich. These same wealthy Americans claim the title of "job creator" demanding and receiving massive tax cuts from the Congress, whose campaigns they sponsor. Working people are given worthless promissory notes of vast rewards in the form of trickle down economics but receive layoff notices instead.

When we forget where we came from, as so many people have, it accounts for why we've lost our way forward. The Coen brothers shined a light on "speaking Minnesotan" in their movie “Fargo,” a reflection of the late 19th century Scandinavian immigrants who came to Minnesota home and whose "foreign" accent sneaks into our language every day. When the head fool puts on airs to trick his base into believing his superior intellect and education grants him the God given right to do wholesale revisions of how our country works, remember, his grandfather was deported here to the United States from Bavaria (Germany) in February 1905. The Trump family began their life in America as refugees, not immigrants. Now he wants to turn our country, that took his family in, into a gated community.

Greg Olson