Tonight I'm watching the Tony Awards. The talent is beyond the pale, singing and dancing. The stars congratulating each other for their hard work and collecting their awards. I sat up when I realized the Tony Awards are sponsored by Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, one of three United States insulin manufacturers. Certainly, if they want to fund the Tony Awards, go for it. But don't forget that there are more than 100 million United States adults with diabetes. If they can't afford to buy insulin, they will die. And they have.

Our two adult children are diabetics. They cannot live without insulin. Gratefully, both Quinn and Will have health insurance that provides insulin. This year in Minnesota, a young man couldn't afford his insulin. He tried to ration his insulin, and he died.

Eli Lilly is one of the big three manufacturers of insulin. Last month, a group of Minnesotans traveled to International Falls and crossed into Canada for affordable insulin. The identical vial that cost $300 in the United States, is $30 in Canada. Big Pharma has all the cards. Just recently, Eli Lilly and the other insulin manufacturers, bowing to pressure, threw in coupons and rebates. My husband pharmacist says they are difficult to provide relief.

Shame on you. Too little, too late.

I turned off the television tonight. I couldn't take the sanctimonious, scurrilous Lilly Diabetes touting their achievement at every commercial break.

Rachel Reabe Nystrom