A recent letter stated that guns don’t kill people, the mentally ill person holding the AR-15 does. I’ve noticed, that’s the new spin coming down from the NRA. Even the president had to change his wording after the El Paso slayings. He actually said we need “background checks” on gun purchasers but the NRA decided to go with “the mentally ill” angle, not blaming the mass killing weapons. The president soon changed his tune. Tell me, how do we keep the mentally ill from buying AR-15s? So far the honor system is not working that is why we need better background checks. Background checks are curse words to the NRA and if you want our political donations you will refrain from that language. What do you think of your stand on the mentally ill and background checks? It’s unusual that someone would take sides on a subject matter this decisive. One of the latest polls has 85% would like better “background checks. Now that’s something to preach about.

Joe Patton