I attended the Crow Wing Power annual meeting on Saturday. There were a lot of unhappy people there and there was a lot of venting of anger and frustration. I had to leave around 12:30 but the discussions were not making any headway. I guess myself or someone else should have gotten up by then and said something to the effect that-Look, there are a whole bunch of unhappy people in this Co-op so we should now address what needs to be done to try and fix this or at least make corrections to the future. Since it sounds like there are more "issues" going on that we don't know about, it would be a big shame to tear down what I think is a great Co-op that has provided power, excellent repair response and other services to the members, as well as their looking forward to the future of electrical service provision.

As the CEO said, he works for the Board, they don't work for him. All boards of any organization need to make the proper decisions to serve the owners of the organization-and that would be all of us members and consumers.

So, to the Board-Get behind it and fix it. Don't hide behind closed doors and keep secrets. If you want bonuses, go work at a for profit company and let the Co-op put the results of your expected labors back into the Co-op for all of us. If you can't do that, well, in my last job, an employee retired and I was told that I would be doing that job in addition to mine and if I didn't like that-there's the door. I chose to stay and give 100% to the jobs given to me. Make the choice.

Bill Kronstedt