Being a co-op means the people own and manage. What happened to our power co-op is a result of a selfish, greedy CEO and board of directors. They saw a chance to reward themselves and they turned into pigs at the troff. This is the same as a treasurer of an organization ripping off the members. The whole board and CEO should have resigned. Instead, they all got re-elected and reappointed the CEO! Certain citizens make a career of being on boards. If they see a chance to sweeten their pot, they don't hesitate. When you think of it, this is socialism versus capitalism. A co-op fairly benefits the people. A board that can legally fund money for personal use, are capitalist. A co-op is like a union and the term socialism is used for both. When a president or CEO gives financial advantages to board members or tax cuts to fellow billionaires is a classical example of capitalism. This story won't go away soon. It should be real interesting when the state attorney general investigates the Crow Wing Power board. If found guilty of fraud, they should resign and pay retributions. The two members who turned down the money, should be nominated for citizen of the year.

Joe Patton