A few weeks before the annual meeting of the Crow Wing Power co-op, I began doing my own homework into what is going on in the co-op I am a member of. I decided I would go right to the person himself that this controversy surrounds. I called Crow Wing Power and asked to speak to Bruce Kraemer. I was told he was not available but I could leave a message for him. I did. A few days later, Bruce called me back. Since he had lobbied me at the State Capitol for eight years, I knew him and he knew me. I told him I was seeking to get information and have some questions answered about the controversial business dealings with the co-op. He told me that the chair of the board just had a letter to the editor printed which should cover any information I was seeking to find out. I said I did not see the letter and would like to get his take on the issues, but he told me he had nothing more to add or say. I was very disappointed by his response.

Then recently, I ran into a Crow Wing Power board member and asked them what is going on. I was shocked and appalled at their answer! They said that they, as board members, have been asking lots of questions but given no answers. I find that totally unacceptable and reeking of cover ups. I applaud the three members of our community that asked the Minnesota Attorney General to have an external investigation and forensic audit completed. I ask each of you to do the same by emailing the attorney general at attorney.general@ag.state.mn.us

Let’s get to the bottom of this now!

John Ward