I once asked a prominent police chief from the area, “How many of your calls have to do with people intoxicated or on drugs.” He smiled and said, “More than half.” If that is true, and I have no reason to think otherwise, why are we thinking of passing legislation allowing more mood altering drugs to be legal. Can we not help ourselves anymore? No, that’s not the reason. Part of the reason is, we the citizens have something the legislator’s want and it’s called votes and in a tight election every vote counts. You see those who want easier access to drugs like pot are fast becoming the majority. That’s because the pendulum has swung and those who grew up without pot and have little need for it today are on the way out.

For those who use it for pain management, I have no problem with that. But in a pill form and not smoked and it needs to be regulated. But make no bones about it that’s not what most of them want and we need to be careful with that. Oxycodone manages pain too and many people need it and should get it but look at the abuse of it. The marijuana of today can be up to five times stronger than the pot of the ‘60s.

As I look around me at the mess the world is in, I can see why people drink to forget and get stoned. It’s not a pretty picture. But believe me at some point the booze and pot run out and you come down to earth with the rest of us. You wake up and nothing has changed. Poorer for the money you’ve spent and sick and confused by the after effects.

Mike Holst