This is a response to the recent letter from four Crow Wing Power board members.

Some of the board and management of the co-op are being underhanded, dishonest and even possibly criminal in their actions. These aren't just accusations made by a few members, they are backed by facts.

It's a fact that some of the board received a $70,000 bonus in 2006. This bonus was on top of their salary. Not one board member acknowledged this bonus until they were caught!

Does CEO Bruce Kraemer work for the board? Did the board approve such payments? These payments appear to have been Kraemer's idea. Isn't that the tail wagging the dog?

What about Kraemer receiving an additional $1.9 million above his salary of over $300,000. Was this approved by the board?

The board claims they're now more transparent to their members. Then why do members need permission and a specific reason to attend board meetings?

One member asked to see the 2006 CWP tax returns. He was told he could come and look at them, with supervision. No copies or note taking was allowed. Is that transparency?

At the last annual meeting, the membership voted to fire Kraemer. In spite of that, the board voted 6 to 3 to keep Kraemer. Four of the six that voted to keep him wrote the opinion I'm responding to. Did they have the members best interests in mind when they voted?

The board says they welcome the "review" from the Minnesota Attorney General. It's not a review, it's a full-blown criminal investigation of the board and management! The U.S. Department of Justice is also doing an inquiry into their actions.

They say they want you to call and ask them questions, please do so.

Dale Walz