Who else read the “Word From Your CEO” in the recent Current Connection newsletter from the Crow Wing Power Cooperative? I would find it amusing if it weren’t so arrogant. The CEO states, “I continue to try to reassure members that the negative opinion articles and movement to discredit Crow Wing Power we’ve seen lately from a group of people are unfounded. As disheartening as those opinions and negative press are, I assure you this cooperative management team, Board of Directors and financial records are honest, solid and stand by our strong commitment for the betterment of Crow Wing Power’s members.”

I beg to differ. If the board and management had been “honest” there never would have been bonuses paid to themselves from cooperative members’ money. This is not an opinion, this is a fact. Their meetings would not have been closed to members, and any profits the cooperative earned would have been returned to members, not used to enrich the pockets of a few insiders. Anyone who states otherwise is either dishonest, or they simply do not understand the cooperative principles.

The press reporting these truths is indeed negative, but also well deserved and earned by Crow Wing Power executives. Before they start proclaiming how “disheartened” they are, maybe they should explain to this “group of people” exactly how taking cooperative members’ money to pay themselves extravagant secret bonuses is for our betterment? Let’s hope the criminal investigation from the Minnesota Attorney General comes up with some satisfactory answers.

Shawn Marie Brummer