When Trump started his duties as president he was flanked by attorneys advising him of his obligations of office as well as the parameters of his authority. He was also flanked by people new to government mixed with people with some experience and credentials. Trump chafed at the limits of acting in an ethical fashion. How's a "businessman" to stuff their pockets with people looking over their shoulder? Trump purged his cabinet of experienced or restraining influences. Journalists courageously report the facts in spite of Trump accusing them of being enemies of the people. They expose these incidents of corruption and financial self dealing with our tax dollars. Jamal Khashoggi had been investigating Kushner and Trump's financial entanglements with the Saudis before he was butchered. Kushner allegedly claimed Khashoggi was a terrorist after he was murdered, making the Trump administration's reaction even more suspicious. Every journalist shining a light on Trump's unchecked corruption should wear Trump's anger at them like a badge of honor. How far has American honor collapsed under Trump? Now he is re-appropriating funds dedicated by Congress for military projects. Donald is slicing and dicing it to his liking instead. Our Democratic Republic is gone and we're left with Trump's dictatorship. Trump is ordering military transports from Andrews in Maryland to Kuwait to refuel at the tiny airport next to his resort in Scotland at twice the fuel costs. He's ordered any layovers be at his resort when they'd be free on a U.S. base in Germany.

Greg Olson