There is a lot of talk about a single payer health care system. Some want everyone to be covered under Medicare. Overall this is not a bad idea and would allow the majority of people to have insurance coverage. The problem is there are millions of people who have great employee insurance through their job. This employer covered insurance is part of their negotiated pay package. As an example of this, if they negotiated a 50 cent raise, only 25 cents would go toward their insurance. This means that they would never get the 25 cent increase back toward their wages. On top of that, for the most part they have very good overall insurance. While Medicare is great for seniors, and probably would work for low income people, you still need to have a supplemental plan for the high costs of medications. I think Congress needs to work on ways to lower our current health care costs and our prescription prices that are higher than all the other countries. We all need to let members of Congress know we have more power together. More power than the hundreds of millions spent by the insurance and pharmaceutical companies on lobbying against the people’s interests. We need to elect only people who refuse to take insurance and pharmaceutical monies for their campaigns and are willing to fix this issue now. No matter what party the candidates represent, the voters need to hold them accountable for where their support is coming from. It’s time we hold all parties accountable now.

Don Samuelson