As more Americans finally start waking up, we're starting to reclaim our moral code, rebuild our empathy, reach toward becoming human again.

Our nation has been dividing into groups. Republicans encourage this. Trump says he doesn't represent non-supporters, non-Republicans, disloyal Jewish-Democrats. His own words say he's not my president.

Donald Trump, Republican occupant of our White House, has obviously committed his greatest act of treason yet. In fact, his entire life, excepting military service, was a carbon copy of Benedict Arnold, the United State's most notorious traitor.

No, Trump hasn't yet been convicted, but neither was Al Capone convicted of obstruction of justice, murder, theft, illegal alcohol, prostitution, gambling, or witness tampering (and intimidation). Yet it was blatantly obvious he was doing these things.

Once everyone looked at Capone's tax returns though, he was promptly convicted of tax evasion.

It's not a "witch hunt" it's a traitor hunt. Mr. Trump is one of those personalities who tries bluffing his way through any exposures of his lies or his own wrongdoing. Trump bends and warps reality to extremes, even as "stable genius" tries to believe his own baloney.

At UN meetings, the world laughs at Trump, especially laughing at the U.S. We're no longer respected.

Trump knows the moment he's no longer protected within our White House, he's going to prison, for crimes committed before, during, and after his swearing in. That's why he'll take any risk to remain in "office.”

He was violating our Constitution's Emoluments Clause even while being sworn in, with one hand on the Bible. Possibly he considered it just another marriage ceremony. Effectively he was spitting on our Constitution, which is the same as spitting on our flag.

Trump's acts of hatred toward (American) people has to be ended.