I recently heard on the radio about a study claiming that over 70% of high school students who didn't feel liked or appreciated by their teachers have considered suicide. And, over 30% of those who did feel liked or appreciated still have considered suicide.

What compelling testimony to the utter failure of public education!

Our children feel unloved and unable to cope with a world they've been taught we are destroying.

According to their so-called education, their parents are all liars, we live in a repressive, racist country, and we are so rapidly destroying the earth that we will all be dead in 12 years.

Many have been convinced that man controls the universe, and that things have gotten so bad that creating more children is an irresponsible mistake.

What is there to live for with such a bleak outlook?

It matters not to these impressionable minds that the left has openly admitted that climate change is nothing more than a crassly evil plan for the redistribution of wealth.

Is it any wonder why teen suicide has become an epidemic?

And this epidemic, mind you, is far more tragic and far more serious that any caused by opioids.

Apparently many public educators are willing to sacrifice these kids in return for comfortable union pensions.

Think I'm being too tough on teachers?


Pray God forgive us for what we have done to our children, allowing- and paying for- their exploitation for mere secular politics.

Tony Bauer