Dear people, please listen carefully.

How hopeless do we feel when reading the newspapers every day and see time after time the same horrible sexual incidents? But we need not feel there is no way out because there is, and his name is Jesus. If we have confessed that we are sinners and have asked Jesus to save us by his blood which he shed sacrificially on the cross just for us, then he is out Lord and savior. Then we have Jesus with us day and night just ready to answer our prayers and help us in any situation. The Bible says over and over that all we need to do is ask and we will receive that our joy may be full. But we must believe that we will receive. Also he will be our best friend and because he has forgiven us all our sins then we must forgive others or our prayers will not be answered. So if we have Jesus in our heart and are living for him by reading his word (Bible), praying and thanking him every day for all he does for us and praying for others we don’t ever have to be afraid of anything or anyone. All we need to do is shout out the name Jesus when bad trouble of any kind comes and he is always there to help so don;t give up -- keep shouting his name over and over and help will come. Be sure to tell the children these things and remember the two keys to answered prayer are believing in Jesus and forgiving others as he forgives us for our sins.

God bless you.

C.L. Long