Representative Stauber’s presentation of his views on impeachment and President Trump’s actions are partisan, disregarding testimony from credible sources including Vindman and ambassadors that were targeted by Trump. Mr. Stauber, I really have to wonder how you can protect Trump in your vague talking points and not want to clean the swamp. Honor and serving our country seems to be lost at this point and time in history. Could it be you are hedging for votes due to the sad reality you stood with Trump in Duluth while he ridiculed the press in Duluth and mocked freedom of speech and, dare I say, truth seekers? I know you want to win your election, but I ask you, is it worth selling parts of yourself and what this country could be by not holding Trump and his group in the White House accountable? You were in law enforcement and, Mr. Stauber, you still are! We all do better when we all do better! I do not think everything should be or can be free, I do believe we can end poverty at least in the U.S., I do believe in health care and I am tired of our president robbing Congress of actually doing their job and rebuilding in our country! The Trump show needs to be over, he needs to be accountable, as do the special interest groups that funnel monies to him! We need to build accountability by starting at the top. If you really want to represent the people, then please do it. Thank you!

Deb Halsted