For over three years we have listened to the left in full rapid fire conspiracy mode. Russia, sex scandals, quid pro quo and the list continues to grow. Now the latest debacle is the delay In reacting to the coronavirus. In January, my "racist" president was banning all flights from China. Clearly a pure xenophobic move, right? While this was taking place, my friends to the left were focused on one thing and one thing only, we're going to impeach the (well, you know the rest). Twelve weeks ago, this virus was just a word to most. Now, it has impacted everyone of us, yet the focus remains on the hatred of my president. Everyone but Trump has the answer, i.e., Obama or Biden?

This country has not been unified since 2001, yet this is Trump's doing. I don't buy into the rhetoric of the left anymore than the left buys into mine. That used to be the fabric of our beautiful county, and now it is the very thing that causes so much friction. To my left leaning friends, you will survive the Trump administration, just as I survived the previous. Perhaps someday you will get another go of it. For now, Donald Trump is your president and you are an American. These are difficult times, why can't the country pull together?

Michael House