I would like to voice my opinion on graduation ceremonies being cancelled across the state. I feel that students and school districts should have the freedom to choose for themselves if they feel it is safe to attend/hold a graduation ceremony. If they feel like it is a safety issue for their health, then students should have the option to stay home, but it shouldn't be prohibited to hold a graduation ceremony that is not a parking lot graduation ceremony. Many seniors have been affected by the lost opportunities they have had. They did not get to have their last days of school, and many other traditions that seniors have. Students go to school for 13 years, and do not get to have the closure of graduation. It seems unfair that so quickly the government was able to take away their ability to choose for themselves what is best for them. People should be allowed to choose for themselves what they want to do. If people are afraid for their health, then they should have the freedom to choose to stay home. But if people are not afraid of COVID-19, then they should also have the freedom to choose, and should be able to go out and do what they want and have their graduation ceremonies. It seems illogical that people are able to go into stores with hundreds of people like Walmart, but are not able to attend a graduation ceremony, which is most likely safer than stores. I believe that all seniors should have had the opportunity to have a traditional graduation.

Graci Stangl