I am writing to express my opposition to Crow Wing County being made a Second Amendment sanctuary. I want to make it clear that I’m not opposed to the Bill of Rights, Second Amendment or gun ownership in general. But I feel it is overkill and frankly paranoia to make a sanctuary county of Crow Wing in an attempt to keep law enforcement from doing their job. I believe legislation should be left to the state and federal government. A law abiding citizen is only law abiding until they break the law. I am in favor of background checks and red flag laws. These are not unreasonable laws. It allows law enforcement to intervene when an individual may prove to be a danger to themselves or others. A resolution allowing a county to be a Second Amendment sanctuary may tie the hands of law enforcement resulting in injury or death of an individual or several individuals. There is an unnecessary fear that the Second Amendment will be eliminated or interfered with. I can assure you that in the last 200 plus years the Constitution has been amended a total of 27 times and that hasn’t been done haphazardly. The Second Amendment isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This is simply politicians and fear mongers fanning the flames of foolishness for their own selfish ends. I attempted to submit my opposition online to the county board through their website but was unsuccessful, that is why I’m writing this letter. I’m not opposed to hunting, sport shooting or self defense, but our rights come with responsibilities as I’ve said and our laws can’t just be suggestions.

Mike Wedding