We can support law enforcement by funding mental health and strong safety nets for people struggling with mental health issues and addiction issues, as well as restructure funding. We are top heavy and too many people are being crushed by this! We have fallen down horribly in this area! Also we need to accept we are a diverse culture and be willing to reach across to each other regardless of the color of our skin or our ethnic history. Racism comes in all colors, bigotry comes in all colors, our history and world history has proved this over and over again. Religions need to look within and be transparent in their role in the destruction of people's lives! Pretending horrible acts were not committed in the name of religion is systemic racism and not addressing it breeds more racism! Our communities need to be willing to learn about our melting pot of cultures and open the lines of communication! A person with a different skin color than myself may think, well she looks white what does she know about racism or bigotry? Thinking like that is a form of racism and stops people from building within their communities. No parent should ever have to teach their children they have to act differently with law enforcement because of the color of their skin; we all need to change this and it will take all of us to do this!

Deb Halsted