Independence Day 2020, a commemoration Americans have rallied around for generations, was abused by this president’s divisive “us” versus “those-who-are-not-us” rhetoric that day and the day before.

His trashing of those protestors exercising their First Amendment rights to speak, assemble and petition their government, won from the British crown 244 years ago, was accompanied by an irresponsible harangue against American public school educators and a confusing reference to the “new far left fascism.”

There are many tragic aspects in this characteristically, common, strident Trump appeal to the worst parts of America’s soul, including his misuse of the word “fascism,” a type of far right, destructive, authoritarian ultra-nationalism having as a defining element a totalitarian dictator repressing, often physically and violently in word and in deed, equal justice and treatment for all, truth itself and opponents to his authoritarian behavior.

America and allied democracies defeated fascism, and a strident, physically and violent in word and deed authoritarian dictator, the fascist, murderous Adolf Hitler, only 75 years ago. It has been said many times that Trump killed truth, and on July 4 Trump continued his destruction of truth within the English language by stealing its meaning, perverting to his narcissistic personal use a word in truth most applicable to him, despicably hurling it at Americans undeserving of that odious epithet.

In shredding Independence Day, Trump paid misleading and scant attention to the almost 130,000 Americans lost to his second irresponsible, absentee response to pandemic viral acceleration across America, and to the assassinations, financially facilitated by Russia, of American military personnel. There is no American policy within this man’s incompetent governance, his abandonment of at-risk America, as he intentionally elevates monuments to long dead segregationists in his self only advancement of “Trump” over, above and at the cost of America’s living.


John Erickson