The push to get kids back in school has begun. It’s hard to overestimate the value of reopening schools but it’s inhumane to do it too early.

President Trump has decided that it’s in his interest to force schools to reopen even if it’s not safe. If we have learned anything over the past three years it’s that he will strong arm schools into opening schools whether it’s safe for our kids or not. He continues to send messages to his followers to fight wearing masks. Now the internet is flooded with videos of hysterical customers throwing temper tantrums that put toddlers to shame because they were told to wear a mask. He’s doing this even though wearing masks is one of our most effective tools for controlling the spread of the virus and could help him reach his goal of opening schools. Had we started wearing masks when the president was first warned the deadly virus was coming we might not have 130,000 dead Americans with at least another 100,000 to die by winter. It’s possible that we would not have been forced to close schools at all.

Just today he was shown responsibly wearing a mask in a hospital but when he commented on wearing the mask he was careful to message that it was okay to wear a mask in a hospital.

Why would he undercut his own goal of creating the re-election talking point that he reopened the schools and saved his faltering economy?

If we don’t follow the guidance of the scientists we can expect to see a reopen followed by an abrupt closure of our schools with an increase in COVID deaths just like we saw with the premature reopening of businesses that he forced.

John Reynolds