When the first COVID-19 US case was identified, Jan. 22, Trump told America not to worry about a pandemic because “we have it totally under control.” Our first pandemic death occurred two weeks later. Trump told America COVID-19 would “weaken” when America was warmer.

On February 27, Trump told America COVID-19 was under control and would disappear “like a miracle.” On February 28, Trump told America that Democratic criticism of Trump’s pandemic response was “their new hoax.” On March 18, Trump told America that he is a “war time president,” “declaring war” on the pandemic.

On April 10, Trump told America the US economy would not reopen “until we know this country is going to be healthy.” On April 14, Trump told America the authority of the president, having to do with COVID-19, “is total. The president of the United States calls the shots.”

On April 14, Trump told America it is possible people will die by re-opening the economy. On April 16, America had 28,000 pandemic deaths and Trump told Americans to open their economies subject first to a 14-day downward trajectory of cases.

On May 8, Trump told America COVID-19 would go away. By May 11, 17 states had opened, and many more since, with Trump’s encouragement, violating the critical 14-day criterion.

On July 2, Trump told America COVID-19 is “getting under control.” On July 19, five months after America’s first pandemic death, 140,000 more Americans had suffered horrific pandemic deaths, 112,000 during the 90 days after Trump’s unenforced 14-day “gating” criterion.

Lying, defying and denying, America’s self-proclaimed “war time president” fled the pandemic battlefield ravaging America, on July 7 boasting that America “is in a good place with the pandemic” and “we’ve done a good job.”

Support truth, morality and an American conscience, not an American fraud.

John Erickson