Really I am confused by people buying into wearing masks when the truth is being published that they only protect the wearer and no one else. I don't wear a mask because I don't have COVID and am not afraid to get it, but it seems, in my opinion, that a lot of people, including local businesses, are falling into this government control action. Doesn't anyone out there read the facts concerning masks? Or do you just believe the WHO, the CDC and CNN? Sad to see my country falling for this communist propaganda. Why do I not see more children getting COVID? Why do I see the mob mentality of not wearing masks and not getting sick? Why, if masks work, are states letting criminals out of prison? A lot of people are weak minded to be controlled by a sickness that, in my opinion, is no worse than the flu. I feel for those who have lost loved ones, but were there other circumstances that contributed to the deaths? Seems like the government wants to scare people into submission.

Doug Francis