As our state Legislature continues to go into special session to allow Governor Walz to continue his emergency powers, circumventing the Legislature and their responsibility of creating spending bills and making laws, our state runs the risk of a dangerous omnibus bill. Special sessions are often quick and omnibus are a way for the legislature to create package deals to get people to cast their vote because they get something in return.

The Minnesota Constitution contains Article 4, section 17, which states: No law shall embrace more than one subject, which shall be expressed in its title.

This has been abused so many times by the Legislature and bill titles have been so nonsensical that they have been a paragraph long at times and covered so many various topics.

One of the many reasons these bills are so dangerous is they make our legislators vote for bills that they would never vote for because special interest groups attack their voting records because of one small piece of a bill that is buried in a huge omnibus bill.

We need to hold our entire government in Minnesota to the single subject rule. Tell them we never want them to vote for another omnibus bill. Tell the governor to never sign another omnibus bill and hold the judicial system to the Constitution and rule every omnibus bill unconstitutional.

Kenneth Toole