I have never voted a straight party ticket in my life. I have always chosen the person that I felt would best represent the people so I am a member of neither party.

How is the GOP serving the people of Minnesota when they refused to vote for a bonding bill which would have given back many laborers their jobs? Their reasoning is that Governor Walz must give up his emergency powers. If he had, the GOP would have opened up our state immediately and we would be in the same situation that Arizona, Texas, and Florida are now experiencing – record COVID-19 cases, rising death numbers, and running out of critical care space.

The GOP leader has said that “One size doesn’t fit all” in regard to wearing masks. Granted there are areas of the state that have few cases, but don’t you think that all of the visitors from high risk counties will eventually carry that virus to all parts of the state including our Brainerd lakes area? Even Trump has changed his view about wearing masks.

The problem right now is that many of us have had no friends or relatives who have contracted the virus, become deathly ill, and unfortunately, die. Is this what we are waiting for? I hope not.

On the Wednesday night national news they said that the virus is hitting 12-19 year olds as hard as senior citizens. It would be a shame for young people to get this dreaded disease because the GOP thinks more about the economy than the lives of their constituents.

I think both parties need to start respecting each other and be willing to compromise – not for the good of the party, but for the good of the people they represent.

Char Wrobel