While it can be nice to have faith that people will do the better thing, expectations can lead to disappointment.

It may be helpful to meter our measure with metrics of past performance.

We have all met those who would rather be right than happy; holding on to that desire to not be wrong when to do so is a leap for logic.

Arguments between rational points of view falter when angrily advanced by the fearful invested in positions of faulty function.

In understanding the less familiar, there can be circumstances surrounding events and individuals that are often less known; found in the back story when we are only aware of the short story.

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There is a term known as Stockholm Syndrome in which hostages can inexplicably become a head-trip ally with their captors.

People held in a captive environment where external beliefs are poured into their cauldron of consciousness, at varying rates and temperatures, may be more likely to adapt by adopting effluent conditions. This can be in lieu of building on their own native foundations.

As we know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and by extension, reason may be a function of the ear of the receiver.

My own belief is that the Earth rotates around the Sun, rather than the opposite. It is a position that I have adopted rather than one I can make a compelling case for.

While it might feel better to believe in being right about something, we have all been less than right than we would like everyone to know.

Having made several trips to the Boundary Waters Wilderness, two as solo journeys, there were many ways and directions to both portage and paddle. Some were better than others.

Philip Vaughan

Lake Edward Township