It took six years, but we can finally say and see that construction has started on the replacement of Line 3. While opponents are still attempting to stop this project, I think it’s important that we take some time to appreciate what has begun and the positive impact it is having on Minnesota.

Line 3 means so much for so many people and it’s already making an impact on communities throughout northern Minnesota.

Businesses in the areas where construction is being staged are already seeing the impact of having these workers around spending money. Hotels are full and stores are busier than they’ve been since COVID-19 started. Restaurants that have struggled are now seeing new life through take-out food orders that will keep many of them alive.

However, this project wasn’t just approved because it was good for the economy. This project was approved because it is right for the state. We need the oil, we need the improved infrastructure, and we need the jobs.

Now let’s see this project through. We need to allow construction to keep moving forward because this project is what we need; it is not just a want. Line 3 is what is best for Minnesota, and it’s great to see progress like this happen in our state.

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Kurt Sawyer

Backus mayor