Being almost an octogenarian, I have in my life lived a largely rewarding life that allowed me to make some astute observations about life in general. As a writer I have been closely tuned to how people act when they are trying to get their point across. For some they do the research and present their case to those who will listen, as proof that what they are saying is credible. For others they skip the proof and just make observations that may or may not be credible. But there is a certain charisma amongst some people, to ignore the facts and drag a contingent of people with them to someplace, they may find out later they don’t want to be. Like lemmings to the sea.

In the history of the world there are many examples of people who fervently believed in a leader who was out to change their country to something they believed was far better than what they had. Yes, there are and have been people who did have good ideas and change for the better came. Then too there are those, like a Hitler or Mussolini, who destroyed their countries with their policies by a strong-armed rule of law that showed little respect for someone who disagreed with them

Running a country such as ours is a balancing act between rich and poor, white and other races, men and women, agnostics and religious. You cannot ignore one or the other. It is a delicate task at best and well beyond the abilities of any one person to do. So, they surround themselves with good people -- and here’s the most important thing. They listen to them, because that’s the way they learn the facts. If a leader can’t do this, he or she is doomed to fail.

Mike Holst