COVID-19 is a hot button topic for me. I am a survivor who thought he was going to die, and I believe I have long term (load haul) symptoms. What does this have to do with playing the odds?

People told me that they are not going to get vaccinated because 246 residents of Michigan caught COVID-19 and eight died after being vaccinated. There were 1.8 million people vaccinated and just a bit more than 0.01% caught COVID. During the same timeframe there were approximately 200,000 new cases of unvaccinated people and 2,000 deaths. The numbers from Michigan are better than what was expected. The vaccines are rated at 90% effective, which means a 10% chance of catching COVID-19.

If I had a chance of betting on a baseball game and had a 99.9% chance of winning, I would bet a very large amount. Put in another way, “The race does not always go to the fleet or the match to the strong, but that is where the smart money goes.” Why would I do different with COVID-19 which affects my life and health?

Getting vaccinated not only protects you, it also helps protect your loved ones and friends.

A. John Peters

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