True to God’s word, there is truly nothing new under the sun.

Case in point: the tactics again being employed by the treacherous “leaders” of our country today.

Like a terrifying Hollywood remake of a terrible movie, Nancy Pelosi reprises the role of Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Josef Goebbels.

Pelosi, with the protection and cover of the government-friendly media, thanked George Floyd for “sacrificing his life in the name of justice.”

Goebbels before her had created a similar myth about Horst Wessel dying for National Socialism.

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Wessel was an SA brown shirt thug for the Nazis. He was also a pimp.

He was shot in a dispute over the profits of one of his prostitutes. Goebbels blamed the rival Communist party to advance the Nazi’s quest for power. Pelosi is retracing those steps with her Floyd comment, and for the same reason: power.

George Floyd did not make a decision to die in the name of justice any more than Wessel died defending Nazism. My point is not to compare George Floyd to Horst Wessel, but rather to parallel the actions of Pelosi and Goebbels.

All of this illustrates the effectiveness — and susceptibility to falsehoods and outright lies — of political propaganda.

Do we really want to follow this old, deceitful and deadly path that these same miserable liars keep leading us towards? I don’t, and I won’t.

The totalitarian’s playbook is deadly but predictable, and has been put to use in the pursuit of illegitimate power time and again.


Tony Bauer