For the first time in a long time the fishing opener is not on Mother’s Day. One wants to write to the D. N. R. and say, Was that so hard? But putting all of that pettiness aside, it is an honor to write about our moms and what they meant to us. My wife is gone now, along with all of the mothers in my life. Hers and mine. But she was alive long enough to influence my life and my children’s life and her grandchildren. She was the steady hand in our house. The one who charted the way for all of us. I see her feminine influence today in my daughters and granddaughters, now mothers of their own. We were all so richer to have known her.

My wife was a mom when the bar was lower in some respects. The stigma of being just a mom and a wife and not someone out to change the world wasn’t with us to the extent it is today. So much more is expected of today’s moms. They have changed the world from day one, just not in the ways society sometimes deems most important. As a man, I’m not sure I would have the tools to handle what most moms do every day.

So today the flower shops will be busy and that’s nice but really guys what would mean the most to her is just to sincerely and honestly tell her how much you love her and need her in your life. Those flowers will wither and die but she will remember forever being loved and pampered by you and the kids, even if it was for just one day.

Mike Holst