For decades, educators have been mandated to receive training on issues which likely affect their classrooms. Teachers have welcomed learning more about difficult issues because these educators want their classrooms to be rewarding and fruitful for their students. Receiving information on issues, provides educators with tools, knowledge and experiences which in turn helps students dealing with issues which likely will impact their educational growth and opportunities. Educators have been mandated to become knowledgeable on issues like; drugs/alcohol, cpr/mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, bullying, school safety/shootings and most recently, cultural diversity/inclusion. Thank goodness our educators welcome this training.

Pequot Lakes High School had a class for graduating seniors called Wellness. Taught by a remarkable teacher, it was all about preparing these young graduates to become responsible, respectful, caring, knowledgeable adults. I believe that is the same thing SEED is working toward.

I am baffled why some folks are opposed to having our students become more knowledgeable, respectful, compassionate, kind, accepting, responsible, caring people. I ask those who oppose our children becoming the best people they can become, what are you afraid of? Don’t we want less hatred and more love? If we are more accepting of each person, won’t this make our whole world a better place for all of us? Don’t we all want our kids to do what is right? I believe every parent wants their children to be the best they can be and have a happy, successful life, even though there will likely be bumps in the road.

It is sad that we are losing a great educational leader in the area. It is also disappointing that ISD 181 cancelled their training opportunity for educators to help them have more positive, productive classrooms for all children. Doing what is right, is never wrong!

John Ward

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Ward is a former educator, state legislator and current Baxter City Council member