One of the largest pot busts in recent memory happened in St. Paul last week. To those who are advocating legalizing pot I’m not here to argue the ethics of that but I am here to tell you that legalizing pot will only lead to an increase in Illegal pot because of the new laws. The biggest reason this will happen is the price. If you think for one minute that people will pay the price that licensed pot growers will charge for you to use it, just because it’s the moral high ground, you're badly mistaken. I’m not sure what illegal pot sells for right now but I am sure it will always be far less than the state sponsored sites. I am sure that most people that are users will buy the cheaper product. You don’t need to be an economics professor to figure that out. You just need to be a realist. The police? Common sense tells you they are not going to go to great lengths to separate the legals from the illegals. It would be a logistical nightmare.

What I am talking about is already happening in states where pot is legal. Articles have been written about it and facts have been put out there. The greatest share of California’s pot is being sold out of state. So, to sum this up, illegal pot is getting a big boost from those who are advocating for making it legal. It will be just another government program gone wrong. As for the pot, it’s either right or wrong, the government doesn’t need to be involved in policing it. Get the government out of it. They’re only in it for the tax money.

Mike Holst


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