Today’s generation will see racial justice in America. Truth telling is why. Today’s teachers have got this! We are turning the corner.

But someone will ask, “What is truth?” Exactly. And in that conversation, a new relationship of honest inquiry will settle for nothing less than the truth.

With an intense racial awareness in the air (largely do to the murder of George Floyd) people want teachers to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” about America’s racist history. (The word is hard to say and hear). The truth, “so help us God”, is the road to recovery.

Education will challenge America’s subtly distorted historical narrative. Education will explore documents and invite stories told by Indigenous and Black authors, side by side in our Social Studies textbooks. The racial designation “persons of color” will include White as a color or the category will be eliminated as unnecessary. Truth telling will open the door to healing.

Education will invite us into conversations that imagine a future of equality and equity for all Americans.

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Today’s teachers and learners will lay a new foundation for working together. Historical integrity in the classroom will open doors, remove walls and roll out the carpet for students who want to contribute to an anti-racist America.

Telling the truth will promote an enlightened democracy that creates equity instead of outrageous wealth and chronic poverty. The marginalized will find their voice.

Teaching truth creates life changing relationships. This generations’ teachers and students are the greatest gift to America. It’s happening!.

Terry Frovik

Lake Shore